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Hollingbury Dewpond
 (TQ 3258 0770)

This restoration was from an overgrown site, the pond had been partly filled/flattened out with the rubble from a nearby barn that was demolished, early 1900's to make a green for the golf course. Subsequently (1950's ?) the course was remodelled and this area left to become overgrown - I recall doing cross country running across this area, unaware of the history beneath my feet.

Efforts by volunteers cleared the site and surrounding area to allow restoration.
Again, high rainfal has resulted in a higher than expected water level and erosion, recently made good with new clay.


August 2001 M Snow.

Restored Pond copyright Brighton & Hove City Council

Clearing the scrub from the site copyright Brighton & Hove City Council

Cross section of Hollingbury Dew pond prior to restoration, 
Bottom band is original clay lining, then layer of chalk, then layer of concrete (very poor quality!), with rubble from barn at the top (flints and tile) copyright Brighton & Hove City Council

Pond edge, restored recently with fresh clay - another pond used by dogs and motor cyclists.

For those images on this page copyright Brighton & Hove City Council, contact david.larkin@brighton-hove.gov.uk if you wish to use them

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