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Waterhall Bottom

Waterhall was a landfill site, this is a newly constructed pond in the valley just beyond the area that has been filled (1999 ?).

There is currently more water than it was designed for, so there is no sign of the sloping catchment banks  The high rainfall of the 2000/01 winter and wet summer provided for this.

The area is managed for wildlife, but the use by dog owners means that the water is very churned up. It will be interesting to see what can get established.

Looking down from the northern edge of the landfill.

Eroded edge, showing liner where the clay has slipped/erroded.

This pond is used by dogs and the clay has gone from the edge, it may be due to dogs, the type of clay used, poor/inadaqaute work on installation.


This new construction was done on the basis of an excavated basin, lined with Terrum (a woven fabric), a 0.5mm PVC liner and a protective layer of Terrum, covered with clay from the bottom of a quarry at the junction of the sandstone and clay. There are pieces of sandstone to testify to the source of clay.

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