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There are two adjacent ponds here. 
It is suggested to me that the upper one is spring feed as it can overflow at times
It currently appears to overflow to the east down the slope. 
It used to overflow to the south into the second pond here, which is just a boggy spot. 
Were it not for the breached raised bank around the lush green area, it would be easy to pass it by.

Please note these are on PRIVATE land with no public access.

The higher pond, looking north, the low point is to the right, there is considerable silting in the pond.

Facing west, there is a steep bank at the west, the spoil cut out for the pond was used to make the near bank.

The second pond site south of the higher one, the breached bank is in the centre. August 2001

My thanks to C. Cain NT Warden. for help and facilities.

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