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1 .There are two dew ponds I know of on the local downs above Lancing. One is
on Lancing Ring and the other is on Church farm, Coombes, somewhere. 

2. Valerie Martin has some good bits at http://www.findon.force9.co.uk/inddew.htm

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Worthing Reference Library - Cuttings in the Local studies collection.

Hove Reference Library ?

I have a lot of material that I am sifting through, where possible this will be included in its raw form, as well as in summaries.

I must extend my grateful thanks to all those who have so willingly assisted me in my researches, including
David Larkin, Mark Heyward, Paula Huntbach, Staff in Worthing Library, Charlie Cain. David Staveley, 
Valerie Martin, Diana Smith, Basil Lindsey, Mike Thomas. Christine Keyes
Various land owners, tenants and managers etc..
And to those who will, maybe unwittingly.

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If anything appears on this site that you think should not, or if there is a clear error of fact or I have omitted an acknowledgement - please contact me.

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