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There were at least three dew ponds in the area on the ridge near to the 'Ring' 

The Western one was restored in 1971 by the Sussex Downsmen. 
It is not now  fenced off from live stock, but is gradually being swamped by 'Wild life' - Reeds etc.

The Eastern one was damaged by tanks in WW II - click here scm05_212_chanctonbury_dp.jpg (66713 bytes) from SCM 1931
There is a dewpond there there again and it is now holding water - September 2001 & 2002.
It is not clear if this is the same site as the original one - further investigation is needed.

The third is overgrown and was difficult to locate, being so low down the scarp slope.

These three were all built about 1870 by or with the help of the Goring Family of Wiston House

Image courtesy of Marlipins Collection

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